Sunday, November 29, 2009

E-Sports CMS - Gaming CMS

This is a very advanced Gaming/Clan CMS with all features for gaming related projects and clans. It is almost exactly the same as with some modifications.

TYPE: Gaming/Clan CMS
RELEASE DATE: 4 June 2009
LANGUAGE: English/German


1. Upload all files to your webserver.
2. Edit /inc/config.php.
3. Edit /admins/inc/constant.php.
4. Import database.sql.
5. Make /files/ writeable (CHMOD 777) and all sub directories.
6. Login to 404 - Not Found with username "admin" and password "password".


Joomla Template - JA Seleni

Joomlart Premium Joomla! Template
Template Name: Seleni | Live Demo | More Info | For Joomla 1.5.x

JoomlArt November template JA Seleni now launched! The theme enriches our current magazine/reviews concept collection beside JA Teline III and other available series. We propose it as a candidate for a reviews/magazine portal, not only with neat looking but also adaptive functionalities.

Given “content the first”, JA Seleni extends Joomla! core capacity in terms of content management via JoomlArt favorite addons i.e. JA News, JA Newsticker, JA Tabs, JA Contentslider, JA Bulletin. These pieces of functionalities inherit advantageous T3 framework helpfully facilitating your efforts to get optimized on SEO, handheld device compatibility, RTL language support as well as modular development. As a plus, the JA Mega menu, a web 2.0-oriented menu is another worthy enhancement to your site navigation. Four other menu types are also in the built-in set.

Creating a nice Joomla site handy than ever, with up to 5 color variants! JA Seleni shall be a ready-to-use whistle easy-to-customize web page solution.

An Overview of JA Seleni features:
  • Modern and beautiful web typeface
  • 3 columns layout based template
  • 5 color options: Default, orange, brown, green, violet
  • Tableless design and 100% CSS-based
  • Joomla 1.5.x compatible
  • 5 Menu options: JA Split menu, JA Css menu, JA Moo menu, JA Dropline menu, JA Mega menu
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional Check it ?
  • CSS Validates Check it ?
  • Valid 508 Accessibility
  • Delivered with source .PSD and FONT files, Demo site sample database and detailed user guide which can be found in JA Seleni downdoad and JA Seleni forum.
  • Well-commented template_css.css and index.php file for flexible customization

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ComicPress v2.8

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ComicPress v2.8
Publish Comics with WordPress

Using the popular blogging software, WordPress, is ideal for publishing comics online as blogging software is specifically designed for regularly posting and archiving blocks of content to the Web. ComicPress provides you a WordPress theme with the necessary comic display, navigation and archiving features built in as well as seemlessly presenting your comic and blog posts yet handling them accordingly. It's clean neutral style is designed to be used right out of the box, but with a little CSS knowledge you can style it as custom as you can imagine. There is always much discussion and assistance in the forum for modifications.


• Clean, easily styled theme
• Choice of 5 page layouts (Standard, 3-Column, Vertical, Vertical 3-Column, Graphic Novel)
• Full comic navigation first, previous, next and last as well as chapter navigation (accesible navigation above the comic)
• 5 archive page templates for displaying your archives (in addition to WordPress native archiving)
• Built-in comic transcription and search
• Comic specific Widgets to customize sidebars
• Support for threaded comments
• Infinite hierarchy storylines* (categorize by volumes and chapters to any depth level)

*Requires ComicPress Manager Plugin

Watch Demo Here:

Download File Here:

Flashden basic streaming mp3 player

Source FLA - SWF | 5.2 Mb

BASIC MP3 PLAYER : (Actionscript 2.0)

- Just copy and paste the first frame from the top layer into your flash file.
- The .FLA file can be opened with Flash 8 or Flash CS3 .
- This mp3 player was designed to be used online with any internet connection speed, and will also work from your hard drive.
- You MUST name your mp3’s consecutively, starting with 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3, etc… Do NOT put a zero is front of the file name, such as 01.mp3
- Skin the graphics however you want.
- All of the Actionscript you need for the entire application is in one, easy to find place.

volume = 100; // Set the level of the volume at startup from 0 to 100.
folder = “music”; // The folder name where your mp3’s should be placed.
autoStart = true; // This is set to true by default, which causes the first song to start playing automatically when it starts loading. Changing this variable to false will turn autoStart off, which means the first song will NOT start playing automatically.
loop = true; // Set to true to have the first song start over after the last song is played. Set to false so the player will stop after the last song is finished.
firstSong = 1; // The number representing which song you want to start with. If you don’t want to start with song 1, then put a 2 here. Don’t put a number higher than what’s in the totalSongs variable.
totalSongs = 3; // This should match the number of mp3’s you have in your music folder. Set it to a lower number if you don’t want to play all of the mp3’s. Do not set this number lower than the firstSong variable.
eqColor = “0066ff”; // The hexadecimal value of the color you want the EQ bars to be when the sound is not muted.
eqMuteColor = “0066ff”; // The hexadecimal value of the color you want the EQ bars to be when the sound is muted.