Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Template Monster 25945

Software Required:

  • For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
  • WinZip 9+ (Windows);
  • Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);
  • Adobe Flash 8+;
  • Adobe Photoshop CS+;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or Microsoft Expression Web)



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Yorker 2 - StyleWP Premium Wordpress Theme

New Yorker 2 is a News and Magazine Premium WordPress theme from StyleWP which is an impressive clone of the New York Times website.

  • Multiple Layouts
  • Widgetised Sidebars
  • Tabber Block
  • Multiple Plugin Integrations
  • SimplePressForum Integration
  • Featured Video Block
  • Built-In Banner Management
  • Integrated Shoutbox
  • Optional Threaded Comments
  • Built-In Theme Options Menu
  • Easy to Modify
  • Comprehensive Users Guide
  • FREE! Developers License
  • FREE! Support & Updates


Flashden Creative Template III Webdesign Studio

This is a great template for freelancers, designers, photographers, studios, businesses, etc.. If you have imagination you can really use it for anything.

The entire template can be customized from the xml files(colors, projects, videos, html pages, links, etc.), except the fonts. In Flash, if you want to change a font, you need to embed it, and for this you need to open the .fla file.
A 14 pages manual is also included in the package.


Urban Elements 1.0

Urban Elements tackles many customization and management activities with ease. The Urban Elements options page includes configuration and management for several tasks including site header and background customization, in line advertisement management, social media link configuration and post thumbnail options.

More Theme Info and Demo:

Dream Template 5523

Compatibilities :
  • Includes HTML
  • Flash & Photoshop PSD files.
  • Requires Macromedia Flash/Shockwave.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Themeforest :Wordpress Wisdom Tree Theme

Wisdom Tree is a Wordpress Theme designed for any ambitious blogger that constantly broadens his network and keeps his blog up to date with feeds, Twitter updates and social bookmarking.
The theme is specially focused on keeping the visitor on site, with optimized side content and calls to action, such as post sharing and commenting. The header illustration theme is kept through the design in little things, like post date, categories and footer design.

Theme Features:
  • Easy customization with theme options page
  • Built-in 125×125 banner ads (managable in theme options)
  • Widget ready
  • 8 PSD files included
  • Twitter and RSS feed design integrated in header illustration
  • Easy logo change
  • jQuery LavaLamp menu (Each page is a new menu item)
  • Compatible with all major browsers (FF 2/3, Safari, IE6 /7, Opera 9, Chrome)
  • Valid XHTML 1 .0 STRICT / CSS
  • Tidy CSS
  • Highlighted author’s comment



6000 Icons Crystal Collection

6000 PNG | 128x128-16x16 | RAR 28 Mb

This will be very much use full specially for web developers and bloggers out there. .


PacktPub - Drupal 6 Content Administration

Often a company hires a web designer to build its Drupal site, and then takes over running the site in house. This book is for the Content Editors concerned with the ongoing creation and maintenance of the site content.

In a few hours, you'll have the knowledge needed to maintain and edit your web site as a content-rich place that visitors return to again and again. There are many books available to help you administer a Drupal site, but this is the only one specifically for Content Editors. This book doesn't cover designing or creating a site. However, anybody who has built their own site but needs some help using the article management features will also benefit from it.

This book is a quick-start guide, aimed at Content Editors. The author's experience enables him to explain in an efficient and interactive manner how you can keep your site up to date. The book begins with a discussion of content management and Drupal and then teaches you how to create content, add elements to it, and make the content findable. You will then learn to set up the framework for a creative team and the various options for editing content offline, their benefits and pitfalls.

This book helps you to quickly and easily solve problems, and manage content and users for a web site. It will help you become a more effective and efficient manager of Drupal-based web sites.

WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons

The WooFunction Icon Set includes 178 amazing web-related icons in a sophisticated and glossy design style. All 178 icons are available as 32×32 pixel PNG files and we can assure you that they are indeed pixel-perfect. If you have an in-depth look at the individual icons, you’ll notice that Liam has spent a lot of time paying attention to the finer details, which means that this is a really classy icon set.


Friday, September 25, 2009

46 Fantastic Web Layouts From DeviantArt

46 Fantastic Web Layouts From DeviantArt

1. Inspira by AlxDesign


2. Jocoo by SencerBugrahan


3. EG-Layout Web 2.0 by ejsing


4. Moodbase by sinthux


5. Book Store by downsign

Different ancient style from modern ones, but very relevant – website for Ancient book store, beautiful work!

6. One Three V2 by BboyWicked

Check out live website of this design too at 1Three.

7. Hypowired by sinthux

You can buy this theme actually and check out live demo too. Definitely worth more than 30$! Very inspiring design!

8. Plush by AlxDesign

Very nice design, and you can check live demo here and even buy it there!

9. My Portfolio by SencerBugrahan


10. LedTek by hinok

Check out also live version of this outstanding design here!

11. Art4you by ECP-Pro


12. New design by kac2or

Possible new FreebiesDock design – though their current design seems for me better, this one is still very beautiful!

Original Souce Here:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Windows 7 Pocket Guide

Windows 7 Pocket Guide / PDF / Pages 378 / 12.3mb

Computers are part of our everyday lives; learning how to use them to your advantage is invaluable. With this in mind, it is important to learn how to use
computers well and how to use them effectively. In this book, you will learn more about the Windows Vista operating system.
Follow along with your
computer as you read the chapters and master the content.
This book will teach you how to backup your files, take control of security, maintain your computer and files, improve performance, increase efficiency, and personalize your system. You do not need to read this book in order select a chapter that looks interesting and begin.
This Book Contains More About :
Getting Started
Backing Up Early and Often
System Maintenance & Management
Increasing Performance
Working Efficiently
Personalizing Vista 7
Taking Control of Your Files

TM 21765 Full


Sources Available: .PSD; .HTML;.FLA;.SWF

Software Required:

  • For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
  • WinZip 9+ (Windows);
  • Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);
  • Adobe Photoshop CS+;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or Microsoft Expression Web);
  • Adobe Flash 8+


Everyone might looking for a contact form of the theme. Well, "You will need to code it yourself, TM doesnt provide code, just the template for you to use a a rough guide in your development."



RT_Moxy v1.5.1 Update Joomla Theme

Version of the application: Joomla 1.5.x

Changelog 1.5.1
* Fixed z-index issue with RokStories tips
* Fixed missing menuname parameter
* Fixed fontspans issue with article title links
* Removed mod_syndicate overrides
* Fixed author/icon collapse issue with com_content articles
* Fixed IE8 menu issue under zoom
* Fixed K2 clearing issue
* Fixed category/section image not appearing
* Added CSS for category/section image and description

Moxy Full Package (48.53 MB)
  • rt_moxy_j15.tgz


Way Beyond Joomla Template

It means that we got rid of Joomla's tables. The whole content area is free of tables now, and we developed very neat CSS for our overrides, too. We did that to give you full control over the look of your website. Now you can easily style every part of your Joomla website with CSS. We rewrote all of Joomla's core components and threw out a bunch of unnecessary code, so now your site will load faster as well.
Also we optimized our module framework. From now on every styling you can apply via the module class suffix will work on any module position, no matter what kind of background that position has.
Our typography got polished, too. There are a couple of new elements like the drop caps you can put at the beginning of paragraphs and left and right insets to align your content more easily.
Feature list
  • Tableless overrides for all Joomla components
  • Smart CSS to customize Joomla components
  • Enhanced module system with flexible proportions
  • New polished typography
  • Fully sliced Fireworks .png Source files
  • Works with all YOOtools



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

YouTravel Joomla Theme

Since we are still in month of August and you might be playing with a thought to start a travel , vacations or booking website, Youjoomla Team has made this special Joomla Travel Template that will blow your visitors away and simply keep them clicking around. You Travel is a very special template and demo filled with new features . To complete the demo we have made 2 new extensions for you. YJ Booking 2.0 and YJ News Slider 7.0 will blow you away with is style, simplicity and usability that your customers can take advantage of.
Beside standard Youjoomla features we are introducing a Cufon script that this template simply could not be without. Cufon script brings non web fonts to your website and lets your users enjoy the beauty of style. You Travel Demo installation also contains, YJ Live Search module , YJ Newsflash 5.0 , and plenty of content and travel categories to start of.

You Travel Joomla Template features:
  • 100% Tableless Design 
  • XHTML Valid
  • CSS Valid
  • 508 Valid
  • 15 fully collapsible module position
  • PSD files included
  • Joomla 1.5 template
  • CSS dropdown menu
  • SMooth dropdown menu
  • Dropline menu
  • SMooth dropline menu
  • Split menu
  • 4 unique CSS styles
  • YJ News Slider 70 New
  • YJ Booking 2.0 New
  • Server side Compression
  • Extended Typography styles
  • IE6 png fix
  • Adjustable width 1024px 800px
  • Font resizing
  • SEO features build in


Flashden 3D Ambient XML Gallery

This is what my 3D like engine can be for a “gallery section”.

This is a 3D enabled gallery which uses Flash Player 10 3D engine. The gallery features:

  • next, previous and info buttons for every image. these can be found on the right, left and top sides of the containing box;
  • links available in description text for each image;
  • next, previous thumb portions;
  • slideshow;
  • swfs for thumbnail and image. (Note: i tested this with simple shape tweened animations).

The XML file can set the following global parameters:

  • position of gallery – can be absolute x,y or centered;
  • y position of thumbs – can be absolute number or bottom;
  • number of visible thumbs;
  • default gradient colors for thumbs and big image;
  • color for buttons, chosen thumb glow, preloader line, glow of preloader line;
  • default blurX and blurY for the big image ambient light;
  • width, height and depth of thumbnails;
  • distance between thumbs;
  • time for thumb tweens;
  • depth of big image box;
  • default image and thumbs folder;
  • autoplay on start and wait interval between images in slideshow mode;
  • default color and alpha of background panel for image info.

For every image the XML file can set the following custom parameters:
  • transition number or random (there are 5 transitions predefined);
  • custom gradient colors;
  • custom frame color for selected thumb;
  • custom info background color and alpha;
  • custom blurX and blurY;
  • custom folders for image and thumbnail;
  • filename of image and description.
Note: each custom property can use the default values from global parameters ! .



TM 2236 - China Restaurant

Software Required:
For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);
Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or Microsoft Expression Web);
Adobe Photoshop CS+;
Adobe Flash 8+




PC Upgrade and Repair Bible

PC Upgrade and Repair Bible
Publisher: Wiley | ISBN: 0764557319 | edition 2004 | PDF | 500 pages | 15,88 mb
  • Updated and revised with eighty percent new material, this book is 100 percent of what readers need to upgrade, fix, or troubleshoot PCs
  • Sixty-five percent of U.S. households own a PC; this book caters to the do-it-yourselfers in these households, both novices and tech hobbyists alike, who are looking for an approachable reference
  • A one-stop reference for topics such as video, CD, and DVD; multimedia; storage; communications (network and Internet); peripherals; and integrating with laptops and handhelds
  • Concludes with a step-by-step tutorial on building an "extreme" machine that can handle the most demanding multimedia or gaming applications

Monday, September 21, 2009

Template Monster 25903 Webspark

Software Required:

  • Adobe Flash 8+;
  • For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
  • WinZip 9+ (Windows);
  • Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);
  • Adobe Photoshop CS+;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or Microsoft Expression Web)




Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beginning Silverlight 2 - From Novice to Professional

With the need for a richer user experience ever more in focus when creating web applications, Microsoft has released Silverlight, the new cross–browser, cross–platform plug–in that allows developers to create rich interactive applications for the Web.
Silverlight poses exciting new opportunities for creating visually impressive web applications, offering unparalleled response times and minimal bandwidth requirements. Key differences in the new design tools present developers with new challenges, but author Robert Lair of IBuySpy notoriety (the original ASP.NET application) shows you how to get a firm handle on Silverlight so you can start creating your own Silverlight web applications with exciting results.
Explore the best of the new tools and discover how they can benefit your ow
n projects. Microsoft’s Expression Design tool plays an important part in creating Silverlight assets, Microsoft Expression Blend is used to build user interaction for Silverlight elements, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 manages the interaction between designers and developers and provides the coding environment for the “nuts and bolts” basis of Silverlight development. Prepare to take a grand tour of all these new tools and explore the fundamentals of building good Silverlight applications from scratch. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll move on to a more in–depth discussion of some of the groundbreaking new features of the Silverlight technology and why they will change the way you build web sites of the future.

Flashden Smart XML Website

Full Flash XML driven Website

Update v1.2 is now live.
Update v1.1 is now live, please redownload it:

pre-loading in a much better and faster way
background music auto restart bug fixation

customizable background for every section, supported formats: JPG , PNG, GIF , SWF, and images can be patterns

  • two level horizontal menu
  • Google Analytics support
  • auto scroll for submenu
  • each menuitem can be linked to external files (both AS2 and AS3 SWF files)
  • each menuitem can be linked to any URL
  • deep linking for every menuitem(link name customizable with xml)
  • customizable section transitions (RotatingRectangle, Zoom, CircleZoom, LeftToRight, TopToBottom, etc, just by XML )
  • you can set starting page by xml

  • Image and Video gallery (with H.264 support)
  • clean design with cool animation
  • unlimited image, video or swf files
  • automatic page creation
  • you can add title and description to every media

Horizontal gallery
  • you can use images(JPG, PNG , GIF) or swf files
  • you can add title and description to every media

Text content page
  • you are able to make advanced layouts, like columns, rows, tables to display your text content (by XML only)
  • every layout divided by customizable cells, there are some cell properties:
  • width (pixel or percent based)
  • background, background transparency
  • border, border size, border color
  • simple rectangle or rounded rectangle
  • cell spacing, cell padding
  • layout (horizontal or vertical)
  • fully resizable
  • every cell can contain image or swf files and even sub cells
smoothScrolling: true | false

Audio Player with playlist

Contact simple and powerful e-mail sender (.php included)



PHP Team Development

Easy and effective team work using MVC, agile development, source control, testing, bug tracking, and more

  • Work more effectively as a team by breaking up complex PHP projects into manageable sub-parts
  • Develop code that is much easier to maintain with source control, agile principles, and project tracking
  • Apply techniques related to process models, collaboration among team members, and continuous long-term improvement

Chevereto - Image Upload/Share Script PHP

Chevereto, build your own free ione-click image hosting script, is an open source image hosting script that can be used to create such a service with ease.  With a very chic interface, the script offers uploading of both local & remote files. And you can choose to resize the image too.

1, One click and upload your images, either from your PC or images on the web. It is very simple to use, you will love it by their appearance.

2, It allows you to resize images, verify the file integrity and integrate it with url shorteners like TinyURL, and Snurl.

3, You can edit and adapt the code as you like because it is open source. This allows you to help us in developing.



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talented Pixie Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Level 1 & 2

Level 1
Get started in using this latest version of Photoshop. This fantastic programme has so much to offer and this course will show you some of the great features. Packed with tips and tricks this course is a must for new and existing users.

The Level 1 DVD contains the following modules:
  • The WorkspaceThe toolbox
  • The Pen tool
  • Working with type
  • Montage with masking
  • Replacing colour
  • The Healing brush tool
  • Magic wand masks
  • The Hue painting mode
  • Image resolution
  • Layer blending modes
  • Levels and histograms

Level 2
This is a great course for those who already know the basics of Photoshop but want to get their knowledge up to the next level. You will be shown some really great ways to save time and how to create professional looking pictures.

The Level 2 DVD contains the following modules:

* Auto align layers
* Auto blend images
* Black and white adjustment layers
* Cloning
* Combining images using masks
* Combining selections using channel masks
* New CS4 Mask features
* Correcting flesh tone with selective colour
* Correcting colour castes
* Selectively changing parts of images
* Refine edges feature
* Zoomify


Friday, September 18, 2009

City Sky Free Joomla 1.5 Template

Yagendoo City Sky is a pen and free-of-charge Joomla! Template licensed under GNU/GPL and thus openly available to everyone! The Joomla! Template distinguishes itself by its striking graphics and is perfectly suitable for any kind of web site.

The template features 2 parameters that serve to change the background on the one hand and to insert one's twitter URL on the other, the latter then being highlighted to direct the attention of your readers to your twitter account.

The Joomla! Template is completely free of tables, and each Joomla! standard component has been overwritten by overrides.

3 module styles and 8 module positions are available in the template, the design is programmed for variable breadths. Consequently, if a module position is not displayed, the part next to it will use the whole breadth.

The bundle also includes the PSD source files enabling you to adapt the design to your needs. If you like this extravagant design, go for it!



NattyWP Newsone Premium template

Newsone is a hugely flexible news theme. Thanks to the tag based functionality Featured articles and Photo carousel modules are completely adaptable to your content. Template will be perfect for web publishers.
NattyWP Newsone Premium template Overview
A specially developed block for managing colors will help you to configure the background, links, headlines and menu color etc. Be creative and design the color scheme for your site.
The theme is supplied with fully widgetized Sidebars. The theme includes 3 page templates (Archives, sitemaps and fullwidth), 6 additional widgets from NattyWP and 5 widget positions (sidebars).

  • Built-in color and background settings. See screenshot
  • 3 additional page templates (Archives, Sitemap and Fullwidth)
  • Feedburner subscribtion
  • 6 additional widgets and 5 different widget spaces
  • A completely widgetized sidebars with special widgets, developed by NattyWP
  • Comfortable and simple managing of banners and Adsense in the blog using special NattyWP widgets.
  • Built in Theme Options panel, available through Wordpress Admin, for the detailed set up of your theme. See screenshot
  • Image Resizer, authomatically creating thumbnails for blog posts.
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments. Threaded comments support.

Newsone theme Features
  • Unique settings of the theme enable to change the font size and color, color of links, background image, header image, etc. Thus, the customization doesn·t require any knowledge of html and css. You will be able to create your color scheme in no time at all
  • You can switch on/off theme modules (Advanced categories, carousel photos, etc). Configure your own layout.
  • Thanks to the additional widgets you can use Twitter, Flickr, Feedburner and so on.


woothemes the journal wordpress premium

A neat online newspaper design perfect for web publishers. The Journal places special emphasis on it’s neat typography and clean grid structure, and not template imagery, making customizing this theme a breeze and showcasing post content and it’s imagery top priority. With a neat tag based “Highlights” section and a recent posts carousel the home page is completely adaptable to your content.

Unique Features These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • Tag based Home Page Modules
  • Carousel/Slider for Recent Entries on Home Page
  • 4 x widgetized footer modules and 2 x widgetized sidebar modules; and
  • 10 great colour schemes to suit your site identity.

Standard Features

These features are probably just as special as the one’s above, but you’ll find these standard features within most of our wide range of themes:

  • Integrated Theme Options (for WordPress) to tweak the layout, colour scheme etc. for the theme (see this video);
  • Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails for the blog posts on the home page;
  • Threaded Comments for WP 2.7;
  • Trendy drop-down menu’s for your main navigation;
  • Custom Page Templates for Archives & Sitemap;
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments; and
  • Advertising management for leaderboard and top banner adverts.


[Wordpress] Red Carpet

  • Complete Management via Control Panel Red Carpet theme is bundled with a built-in control panel to control many aspects of the theme. You can setup advertisements, general options, manage languages and styles, publish videos, and more.

  • AJAX Commenting The theme is bundled with a neat AJAX commenting feature that works out of the box. The AJAX commenting even works with nested/threaded comments turned on.

  • Automatic Thumbnail Creation Thumbnails are created on-the-fly. Your thumbnails will be cropped and resized according to your own preferences keeping 100% quality of the original image.

    For More info:
    Watch Demo Here:
     Download File Here:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wussa Premium Image Upload nulled

Wussa Premium Image Hosting solution is an ideal script for serious webmasters planning to create their very own popular Image Hosting website such as Imageshack, Photobucket and TinyPic.

This script will impress your site visitors with its friendly user control panel and easy uploading. It also allows your users to upload images without registering. Let your users upload private images, create their own public and private galleries, do comments on images and much more with this unique script. .
You can check some of the good websites which are currently using our image hosting solution here


  • Multiple Image Uploader.
  • Auto thumbnail generation.
  • Auto generation of different linking types.
  • Create account to manage your images.
  • Option to keep your images private having a password on them.
  • Create public and private image galleries.
  • Keep a list of your favorite images in user control panel.
  • Browse images (Categorized as: Newest, Most Popular)
  • Search image and galleries.
  • Option for 'Safe Search' (members only).
  • Option to put watermark image of your site on each public image.
  • Send any image to friend via email.
  • Maintains a record of the 'views count' and 'date added' of each image.
  • Member password recovery feature (by username or by email).
  • Nice professional and customizable theme using CSS.

Admin Panel Features:

  • Welcome page with site stats.
  • Manage members (Delete, View details, Search).
  • Manage images (approve, delete etc).
  • Manage inactive accounts and images.
  • IP Blocker to block users violating terms from uploading more images.
  • Report abuse image feature.



The Photoshop Anthology

Author: Corrie Haffly
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: SitePoint; 1 edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0975841920
ISBN-13: 978-0975841921
Format: pdf

The Photoshop Anthology is full-color, question-and-answer book for Web Designers who want to use Photoshop to build Websites and create better looking web graphics more effectively.

The book covers:

Photoshop interface tricks & shortcuts
Basic Skills: Transparencies, rounded corners, blending images, matching colors and more
Buttons: Creating buttons and tabs in various shapes and form factors
Backgrounds: Making various gradient and textured backgrounds
Creating text effects, texturing and shadowing text, wrapping text around a curve, and more

Adjusting Images: 
Removing blue tints, darkening and lightening images, fixing red-eye, removing dark shadows, sharpening images and more

Manipulating Images:
Creating fish-eye effects, removing imperfections, making product shots for ecommerce and more

Creating Web Interfaces:
Best practice & time saving ideas including how-tos on slicing images, creating rollovers, and more

Generating thumbnails, animated GIFs, bulk watermarking, sharing Photoshop Actions and more
Additionally, the book will walk you through the entire process of designing a Website in Photoshop - from using layers to keep organized to using


Flashden AS2 XML Advanced Image Gallery

Description & Features

A fully external loaded Image Gallery Module! You can add as many images as you want, you can add as many galleries as you want with the condition to fit into stage, smooth animations, big preview of images and many others. It supports jpg files, png, jpeg and swf. You can set the number of columns and rows. The description text field is css and Html formatted.

Images You can have as many as you want. You can have images with different size it will automatically align them into the center of the browser. Be sure that the images are not bigger than the stage, it will not scale down the image to fit into it.

Gallery thumb Each image has a preview thumb with 260×100px size. You can set up the number of columns and rows trough the xml.

Image thumb Each image has a preview thumb with 140×83px size. You can set up the number of columns and rows trough the xml.



Elegance Joomla Theme

The month of September brings some cooler weather for some of us but for those of you Shape 5 members it brings 3 NEW modules, a Jomsocial and Kunena template! The S5 Accordion menu, the long awaited S5 Box module (which allows for up to 10 S5 Box's on one page) and S5 Register are the three new modules we released this month with Elegance. We have also included the S5 AJAX search module, the S5 Tab show and S5 Tab show copy edited to fit the Elegance theme. After many months of requests we decided to release a template with a matching forum running of off Kunena. The forum component must be downloaded from but we do provide the template in the downloads area. Be sure to navigate through the demo and read up on the modules under the features drop down menu for more information.

  • 100% tableless CSS
  • Validates with XHTML
  • Validates with CSS
  • Joomla 1.5 only
  • SQL dump available
  • Light and Dark theme available
  • 23 module positions
  • New! S5 Accordion Menu Module
  • New! S5 Register Module
  • New! S5 Box Module
  • Module edits: S5 Tab Show, S5 Tab Show (Copy)
  • Kunena and Jomsocial themes included
  • Sliced PSDs included
  • Site Shaper available (demo quick install)
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • S5 Effects scripts powered
  • Set background images and color via template parameters
  • Lytebox enabled
  • Tool Tips enabled
  • 4 Menu systems: No-MooMenu Drop Down, No-MooMenu Fading, No-MooMenu Scroll Down or Suckerfish
  • Custom page and column widths
  • Compatible with the following browsers:
o IE6+
o Firefox 1.5+
o Opera 9+
o Safari
o Advant
o Chrome


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pure Magazine Wordpress Theme

Pure Magazine is highly customizable clean designed wordpress theme which gives maximum exposure to functionality with lots of option provided. Pure Magazine is build in SEO friendly. More than that, this theme is free.
Pure Magazine Wordpress theme is, as its name suggests, theme with pure, minimalistic and usable layout, structured to focus readers attention on content and ads, rather than designer graphics. It is built for large news sites that want to highlight important content and retain readers after their first visit. Web designers may also use it for their online projects and offer their clients web sites with all premium features they will need.
* Fully flexible layout
* 13 lovely backgrounds to choose from
* Developed with hooks – functions
* Carousel jQuery slider panel
* Featured Post panel
* Fully widgetized front page (3-column widgets)
* Custom translations of all blog areas
* Header / Footer Scripts Management
* Integrated Image Caption
* Relative Dates in Comments
* Choose Blog Title over Image logotype
* Total Feedburner Management
* Custom Control Panel
* Exclude Pages from header
* Exclude Categories from header
* Embeded AdSense Support
* Child Pages Ready (up to 4 level drop-downs)
* Child Categories Ready (up to 4 level drop-downs)
* WP 2.8 full compatibility
* Auto Image Re-size
* Custom Logo
* Author Information
* Advanced Excerpted Content – adjustable length
* Google Analytics Ready
* Gravatar Ready
* Feedburner Ready
* SEO Optimized Code



My flash xml paper visionW

Dynamic flash XML CS3 website ussing papervision3D and ActionScript 3.0With no particular software, update the TEXT, place as much as PICTURES that you want, add MP3 from a simple text file (For example with NOTEPAD). Create or remove some menu sections Place some SWF file instead of any jpg(pictures). Change the background pictures. Place some FLV or mp4 files.. Change colors & text button.

Flash CS3 is needed to change fonts.
All you can see on line (FLA, SWF, HTML, MP3, PICS....)



GoMedia Arsenal Vector Set 15

Digital - download only
19.1 MB