Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flashden 3D Ambient XML Gallery

This is what my 3D like engine can be for a “gallery section”.

This is a 3D enabled gallery which uses Flash Player 10 3D engine. The gallery features:

  • next, previous and info buttons for every image. these can be found on the right, left and top sides of the containing box;
  • links available in description text for each image;
  • next, previous thumb portions;
  • slideshow;
  • swfs for thumbnail and image. (Note: i tested this with simple shape tweened animations).

The XML file can set the following global parameters:

  • position of gallery – can be absolute x,y or centered;
  • y position of thumbs – can be absolute number or bottom;
  • number of visible thumbs;
  • default gradient colors for thumbs and big image;
  • color for buttons, chosen thumb glow, preloader line, glow of preloader line;
  • default blurX and blurY for the big image ambient light;
  • width, height and depth of thumbnails;
  • distance between thumbs;
  • time for thumb tweens;
  • depth of big image box;
  • default image and thumbs folder;
  • autoplay on start and wait interval between images in slideshow mode;
  • default color and alpha of background panel for image info.

For every image the XML file can set the following custom parameters:
  • transition number or random (there are 5 transitions predefined);
  • custom gradient colors;
  • custom frame color for selected thumb;
  • custom info background color and alpha;
  • custom blurX and blurY;
  • custom folders for image and thumbnail;
  • filename of image and description.
Note: each custom property can use the default values from global parameters ! .



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