Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flashden Smart XML Website

Full Flash XML driven Website

Update v1.2 is now live.
Update v1.1 is now live, please redownload it:

pre-loading in a much better and faster way
background music auto restart bug fixation

customizable background for every section, supported formats: JPG , PNG, GIF , SWF, and images can be patterns

  • two level horizontal menu
  • Google Analytics support
  • auto scroll for submenu
  • each menuitem can be linked to external files (both AS2 and AS3 SWF files)
  • each menuitem can be linked to any URL
  • deep linking for every menuitem(link name customizable with xml)
  • customizable section transitions (RotatingRectangle, Zoom, CircleZoom, LeftToRight, TopToBottom, etc, just by XML )
  • you can set starting page by xml

  • Image and Video gallery (with H.264 support)
  • clean design with cool animation
  • unlimited image, video or swf files
  • automatic page creation
  • you can add title and description to every media

Horizontal gallery
  • you can use images(JPG, PNG , GIF) or swf files
  • you can add title and description to every media

Text content page
  • you are able to make advanced layouts, like columns, rows, tables to display your text content (by XML only)
  • every layout divided by customizable cells, there are some cell properties:
  • width (pixel or percent based)
  • background, background transparency
  • border, border size, border color
  • simple rectangle or rounded rectangle
  • cell spacing, cell padding
  • layout (horizontal or vertical)
  • fully resizable
  • every cell can contain image or swf files and even sub cells
smoothScrolling: true | false

Audio Player with playlist

Contact simple and powerful e-mail sender (.php included)




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