Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashden: Art Director’s Portfolio

Flashden: Art Director’s Portfolio


Deeplinking support using SWFAddress—each section and each portfolio item has its own unique URL that can be bookmarked or emailed to a client to show off a particular project
Easily change all of the colors including the gradients—all from the XML file
Logo name and tagline can be set from the XML —you don’t need to own the font since it is embedded
Logo can also be your own PNG file you create yourself
PHP contact form
Right-click menu with email and copyright
Fully resizeable
Code is very clean and organized so if you are comfortable with ActionScript you can rework and repurpose the file however you want
Supports up to 18 portfolio items with up to 5 images to go along with each
Coded in ActionScript 2.0
Here is a comprehensive list of everything you can edit with the XML file
Logo name
Logo name color
Logo tagline
Logo tagline color
Whether to use your own logo file
URL to your logo file
Basic text color
Footer text
Footer text color
Email address
Email text above address
Nav color
Nav rollover color
Nav selected color
Email color
Email rollover color
Button color
Button rollover color
Preloader color
Background color
Background gradient color1
Background gradient color2
Middle color
Middle gradient color1
Middle gradient color2
Border color
Thumb background color
Thumb border color
Thumb rollover color
Thumb text color
Thumb text rollover color
New icon color
Whether to display the gradient stripes at the top and bottom
Default page title
Selected work page title
About page title
Contact page title
Right click copyright text
Padding at the bottom of the site


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