Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TemplatePlazza - Social Home Plazza

TemplatePlazza - Social Home Plazza


Who are Internet users that don't connected with any social networking nowadays?
The answer is probably none. Social networking is contagious everywhere, and it's already like a daily needs, inseparable from daily life. Everyone give their best to compete in self-actualizing. With the rapid growth of these social networking websites, no wonder if someone has more than one account and eventually overwhelmed to manage those accounts.

Now, are you one of those people ?
If the answer is yes, you probably would like to have Social Home Plazza.
Social Home Plazza is the newest template from template plazza with additional components, TPSocial, that will be able to display the latest items from your social networking accounts (based on their RSS) all in one page (by using TPSocial module)

With Social Plazza + TPSocial, you now have one self activation profile page that includes all the updates from every social networking account that you have. Isn't that interesting?

With Social Plazza, your friends can see what link that you just bookmarked on del.ici.ous, what pictures that you just uploaded to Flickr, the latest video that you just uploaded to YouTube, the most recent status on your twitter or plurk, latest items from your favorite blogs in Technorati, etc, etc... in one page only.
Features Overview
Joomla Compatibility Joomla 1.5.x
Quickstart Joomla 1.5.x
Manual Yes
Psd Files Yes
Browser Compatibility Firefox, IE7, IE6, Opera, Safari, Chrome
Special Features/ Function / Add On

* TPSocial + Module

Design Variations 4 Design Variations, 9 Font Sytles, 3 Font Size, 2 Orientation Styles
Menu Types Joomla Menu, TP Menu (Dropdown, Dropcolumn, Dropline, Dolphin)
Typography Xtypo
Lightbox Effect TPBox2
Moo tooltips Yes
Module Positions 24 Fully Collapsible Module Positions
Tableless Design Yes
Valid XHTML / CSS Yes
GZip Loader * Yes
IE6 Png Fix Yes

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