Saturday, June 20, 2009

[GET] Wallpaper Script - Nulled

We've gone to swell lengths to make customizations more comfortable.

You can upload and access your images at whatsoever time from whatsoever computer with an internet connection. Wallpaper script accompanies a neat experience in wallpaper division and is the most skillful recipe for having your own successful wallpaper gallery what is wallpaper script? wallpaper script is a complete image gallery resolution that lets you gather, organize and part your wallpapers with friends and family. Other wallpaper web sites formulate platforms that look and work the same. Wallpaper script sets the bar in regards to wallpaper gallery software, and no other challenger offers as a heap of features as you'll find in wallpaper script.

Wallpaper script is the only image platform that can veritably give you the prospect for managing your wallpapers in a professional manner. Features include bulk wallpaper uploading, remarks, tags, powerful search, multiple user accounts, inexhaustible photos, inexhaustible galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, sorting, gallery statistics and user. Wallpaper script is the premium wallpaper gallery resolution applied by hundreds of individuals precisely like you to part and show off their images to the world. Wallpaper script's simple design lets you highlight your unequaled theme.

  1. Time saving search feature
  2. User registration
  3. Member section
  4. Support for categories and subcategories
  5. Password reminder
  6. Web2.0 look & feel
  7. Ajax star rating
  9. Multiple resolutions support
  10. Bread crumb navigation
  11. Statistics
  12. Online users
  13. Latest category updates
  14. Top votes

Size: 3.77 MB
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