Sunday, June 28, 2009

WordPress Theme - EPhoto

Ephoto was produced for those looking to turn their blog into a photo gallery. While the theme was produced with photographers in mind,it may surely be employed to parade and display any type of digital symbolism and imagery. While the main content of the theme is effigy based,i’ve likewise added the ability and creativity a distinguished blog page where normal blog posts may be incorporated alongside your photos.

Wordpress Theme: Ephoto
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  1. Hi I have a little problem with a theme called ephoto. I do not really understand how I can get the images where they are on preview. I have tried to create a simple blog post with a picture but that dont work. When I create a blog post and upploading my picture that i want to have, it dosent show the picture no where, except it ju click on the blog text and then its all out of proportion. So I thought if someone had experience with this theme could help me.


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