Monday, August 17, 2009

[GET] Flash CS4 For Dummies ebook

Conventions Used in This Book
We realize that doing something the same way over and over again can be boring (such as always having to put on your socks before your shoes), but sometimes consistency is a good thing. For one thing, it makes stuff easier to understand. In this book, those consistent elements are conventions. In fact, we use italics to identify and define new terms. Our book is cross-platform. In fact, your friendly authors are cross-platform: Doug uses Flash on a PC; Bill, on a Mac. Whenever we show a keyboard shortcut, we list the keyboard sequence for both platforms. Whenever you have to type something to complete a task, we put the stuff you need to enter in a bold type so that it�s easy to see. When we type URLs (Web addresses) within a paragraph,
they look like this:

What You Don�t Have to Read
We've added little tidbits of interest in many parts of this book. You'll see sidebars with information relating to the topics being discussed and icons that list technical information relating to tasks we're showing you how to do. Treat these little tidbits like snacks: You can devour them when you see them, ignore them, or read them when you get a chance.


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