Friday, August 7, 2009

[GET] Flashden XML Fine Art Gallery

Everything you see is defined in the xml file. You can add your images, detail images, foreground objects and add rooms without ever opening your flash file.

Each image and foreground item has several variables that let you make this file your own. You can customize distance from each other, description, size, and y position. You can define weather it has a light shining on it, if it has a plaque, or a frame. You can use transparent pngs or swf. You can use the supplied foreground objects or make your own. Click on the telephone to see the working contact form.

Note: The position of the room is all determined by the width of the room and the position of the mouse. If you have tons of images in 1 room it may move too fast when you move your cursor. This file is best for small to medium galleries.


DOWNLOAD FILE HERE: XML Fine Art Gallery.rar.html

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