Thursday, August 13, 2009

[GET] Our Community Wordpress Theme

For editorials, magazine, community, corporate, anything. WordPress 2.7 supported! With threaded comments!

-Threaded comment ( up to level 3) and paged comments supported. - 2 widget sidebars for different pages.
- Login on any pages.
- Custom admin menu.
- 3 column
- Drop down menu ( for categories and Pages)
- Featured post in main page.
- An image a post. (recommended)
- Full layout PSD Included.
- 2 different categories below the featured section.

Custom Admin Panel
- RSS count is text with awesome display
- Well built tabbing system with most wanted features.
- Able to insert your Google analytics codes.
- Ad banner management system.
- able to control the number of popular posts, recent comments, related posts and recent posts to be displayed in the sidebar.
- Able to define which categories to be shown in fron page and in which section.

- Sidebar 1 will be shown in main page while
- Sidebar 2 is just for the single post page.

- Required php5, simplexmlelement and curl enable (for the feed count).
- If you are using Google FeedProxy, you need to edit the feed.php to make the feed counter works. Please refer to this tutorial in order to modify. It is very easy to do.
—If simplexmlelement and curl is disabled, the feed counter will not be displayed.
- You need to contact your service provider in order to enable simplexmlelement and curl.

Use “read more” to separate the article but not excerpt.


DOWNLOAD FILE HERE: Community Wordpress Theme -


  1. I installed that theme, but it does not show ANY content under the header ...

    Any help?

  2. Have you read the requirements??
    It was listed above also refer to the tutorial above there.


  3. The requirements are only for the feedcounter -.-
    I won't use the feedcounter. The theme shows only the header and navigation bar on the top, that's all.

    The featured posts and the other posts are not showing up. The sidebars do not show up too ...

  4. I see.. I will Try to figure out what would be the problem that causes this.
    I will update this page once i have figure it out..

  5. I have the problem, that the theme is not editing the Index and Header files.

    If I apply that theme and open the pages' sourcecode via Firefox, there is missing the whole sidebar and post section -.-


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