Friday, August 28, 2009

Wave Premium Wordpress Theme

Wave is a beautiful and flexible theme catered to those that want to build a video focused site.

Main Features:
* Support for any size video, up to 920px wide. Flag high definition videos with an “hd” tag and the theme displays them in full width, and adds an “HD” button in archive indexes.
* Don’t like the grungy textures? Enable the “Clean it Up!” option to smooth things out.
* Like the theme but don’t want to use it for video? Remove the play buttons/icons from WP-Admin.
* Heading and links colour is selected by the user via a colour picker in WP-Admin.
* Dynamic image resizing for various thumbnails used through-out the theme.
* Custom built theme settings panel within WP-Admin that allows you to customize the theme without editing any templates.
* Both sidebars are widgetized.
* Custom widgets for the 3 main ad spots (4 125×125 buttons, 300×250 big box, 160×600 skyscraper), along with a recent posts list.
* Flexible logo space allows images up to 920px wide and any height. Image path and dimensions are entered in WP-Admin.
* Super lean markup and CSS , makes advanced customization a pleasure.
* Tested on Windows and Mac – IE6 -8, Firefox 2 & 3, and Safari 3 & 4. Some details are toned down for older versions of IE, but nothing is broken.
* Support for Twitter Tools, WP-Post-Ratings, WP-PageNavi, and Subscribe to Comments plugins out of the box.



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