Sunday, September 6, 2009

Agriya Volume - Music Portal Script

Consider the following:

You know of an underground music scene in your city. Everyone you’ve played it to loves it, but it’s not getting the exposure it deserves. Volume can help you by giving you all the tools to set up a site that will showcase the artists and bands and get people involved.

Or maybe you have a talent for spotting upcoming acts? Volume can help you by showcasing these raw untapped talents, building a fanbase for them, before getting the big record contract for them.

Volume has so many applications in the music industry, from the fan right up to the big record label.

Social Networking

Integral to Volume’s success is the social networking capabilities where users can network with one another and become fans of the different acts you have available. However, the prime focus of the software is that artists and bands can be showcased.

Music Downloads

Monetize your website with MP3 downloads of the artists and bands - or give it away for free, it’s entirely up to you (or your bands) how much to charge, if at all.

Music downloads are a huge business, people want to be able to download songs they hear instantly. Your website will cater to this need by offering free or paid downloads of the songs featured on your site.

Now that MySpace has lost its way and become a commercialized juggernaut, people are crying out for specialist niche sites that cater to their music taste and passion for discovery.



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