Sunday, September 13, 2009

Praiseit - Blog/Portfolio Joomla Template

Joomla! Blog/Portfolio Template

Elevate your website with the all new Praiseit Template by JoomlaPraise. With css and html overrides to maximize this templates potential send your website into orbit. We also provide you with source artwork so you can customize the graphics from the demo and transform this template into your website.
Get your work out to your visitors with PraiseFolio.
PraiseFolio is a simple to use portfolio/image gallery. Use the PraiseFolio Items module to display a slideshow as well as PraiseFolio Tags module to display categories that you create on the fly.


8 Module Positions
Module Positions to suit your needs.
Praiseit comes with 3 built in themes. Choose one as a base and customize it to suit your needs
Custom Width
Make your site your way with a custom width parameter. Choose a pixel (px) value or percentage (%).
Choose Font Family for Body & Headings
Choose from Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Courier New.
Custom Font, Link, and Link Hover colors
You choose the colors of the body font color and/or link and link hover colors.


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