Saturday, January 9, 2010

Download Shopperpress Premium Wordpress Theme

If you have ever wanted to setup your very own Online store but haven\u2019t got a clue how to do it? this is for you! ShopperPress is the first Full featured wordpress theme/Plugin that has every aspect of an online Store you could possibly want. There are way to many features for me to explain so I try and mention the main ones. There are 23 Different Shopperpress themes from Golf to dogs to romance to DIY to Ebooks and a huge amount of colour schemes to go along, there are 10 different languages to pick from, Completely customize the product layout, comes with Built in Sitemap, easy currency conversion, send out email notification on purchase, accept most Payment gateways (paypal, worldpay, google checkout,, segpay, alertpay, CC avenue) Complete control over shipping with many options, theme advertising, Discount codes and Promotions and sooo much more, Comes complete with Instructions pdf and all PSD\u2019s for even more customization.



  1. thanks for your share, i search this theme and plugin yesterday......because i have new project hihihihih

  2. Maksih mas atas informasinya...?ooh iya mau nanya nich apakah di http://www.hestycellular.Co.Tv bisa di pasang themes kayak gitu yah..?
    Pluginya apa aja yang perlu di pasangkan.
    terimakasih sebelum nya


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