Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Black Hat Genius

The Black Hat Genius

•How to set up your business so that you won't get caught (quite possibly the most important thing of all!)
•Cookie Stuffing (increase your conversion rate with these 5 different ways to stuff cookies)
•Automated page building (Create literally thousands of pages at the click of a button with some of these tried and true blackhat techniques)
•Link Spamming (literally dominate your competitors on Yahoo, Live, Dogpile, Lycos, Altavista, and every single one of the other second-rate search engines with automated tools)
•Link Injection (a real simple technique to get a quick 200 backlinks from a bunch of .edu and .gov domains)
•Google Bowling (take your competition down a notch with negative SEO...I'll show you two ways)
•Traffic Spoofing (make it appear as though your mediocre little site is generating traffic like the next Myspace)
•A simple greyhat technique that will make you hundreds of dollars at a time with very little work.
•Two more top-secret black hat techniques which are so downright dastardly that I'm not going to reveal in this ad.

Plus! Free Bonuses:

- $500 in 10 Hours
- Free and Low Cost Promotional Tools
- Free and Low Cost Promotional Tools
- Outsourcing Report
- Taking Massive Action
- Little White Lies
- RSS – Really Simple Solutions

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