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Wordpress Theme Design

Wordpress Theme Design

This title will take you through the ins and outs of creating sophisticated
professional themes for the WordPress personal publishing platform. It will walk
you through clear, step-by-step instructions to build a custom WordPress theme.
From development tools and setting up your WordPress sandbox, through design
tips and suggestions, to setting up your theme's template structure, coding
markup, testing and debugging, to taking it live it reviews the best practices.
The last three chapters are dedicated to additional tips, tricks and various
cookbook recipes for adding popular site enhancements to your WordPress theme
designs using third-party plugins.

Whether you're working with a pre-existing theme or creating a new one from the
ground up, WordPress Theme Design will give you the know-how to understand how
themes work within the WordPress blog system, enabling you to take full control
over your site's design and branding.

Table Of Contents

Preface 1
Chapter 1: Getting Started as a WordPress Theme Designer 7
Chapter 2: Theme Design and Approach 17
Chapter 3: Coding It Up 61
Chapter 4: Debugging and Validaton 91
Chapter 5: Your Theme in Action 113
Chapter 6: WordPress Reference 125
Chapter 7: Dynamic Menus and Interactive Elements 145
Chapter 8: AJAX / Dynamic Content and Interactive Forms 167
Chapter 9: Design Tips for Working with WordPress 185
Index 207

Product Details

* ISBN: 1847193099
* ISBN-13: 9781847193094
* Format: Paperback, 220pp
* Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited
* Pub. Date: March 2008

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