Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashden like no other note XML

TranceFlash Media presents you their latest creation, an awesome and truly unique XML -based Flash creative portfolio website which you can customize by simply altering the default XML parameters’ values in a single XML file, and by replacing the external audio/photo assets with your own.
A major benefit is that the whole website is modularly structured on sections, while using only one XML settings file. Both the template and its XML settings file are logically-structured and very easy to customize.
Main features:
  • modular structure – resulting in very small section filesizes, the largest of which being 67 KB, while the main swf file is 92 KB only
  • liquid layout – the contents will always be centered horizontally, regardless the browser width, and the template’s footer will always stick to the lower edge of the browser window
  • smart website menu – you don’t have to worry about the length of each button’s label, the buttons will always resize to include the text you need them to display
  • collapsible Slideshow-like module – use it to display your featured works, your most interesting products, the latest ones, you name it. The slideshow module will be visible on each site section, whether it’s expanded or collapsed. This slideshow module is a slightly different version of our XML Banner-Rotator Widget
expandable music player – elegance and simplicity, combined with smart functionality – the advanced music controls appear only on mouse rollover
global color theme – the color theme can be modified by simply editing 5 parameters inside the XML settings file. The changes will reflect throughout the entire website, even in the externally-loaded sections.
global button sound – the button sound effect will be available for most of the buttons you can find throughout the entire website.
  • website headline, right-click and copyright info – set them up via the XML settings file, you are given the possibility to use your imagination when setting these values.
  • global text-scrambling effect – the cool text-scrambling effect you can notice throughout the entire website can be simply disabled via one XML boolean parameter.
  • smart contact form module – uses a smart algorithm to validate the filled-in email address, and checks for all fields completion before allowing the visitor to submit the email message
  • unique xml locator map – use it to display your company’s worldwide subsidiary branches. You can purchase this module separately by clicking here


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  1. Hi,

    how can I change the size because I have no scroll bar and the main screen is bigger so I can only see some more as half.


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