Friday, September 4, 2009

Pro Decrypting VBScript Viruses

Pro Decrypting VBScript Viruses
Publisher: MARTANI FAKHROU | ISBN: N\A | edition 2008 | PDF | 46 pages | 12,41 mb

In this book, you will learn how to decrypt a VBScript and find the original source code; it will also teach you a number of techniques used by hackers to protect their source code. That may be so effective for use with your own code or your secret algorithms, which is very useful.
This book will not talk about the virus behavior or its VBScript specified functions right now (another book will discuss the VBScript viruses behavior wait for it?, you check for other related books), it is intended to discuss the methods hackers use to obfuscate their source code so others can’t understand it. And AVs cannot just detect the threats so early.
I gave also some examples about some easy-to-understand viruses and other algorithms I found on the web, so they can make a good base you can start from, I also mention some ways of decrypting Encoded scripts by the WSD (Windows Script Decoder), but I don’t provide any tools or real codes (you know Microsoft and the Copyrights!!!!).
Also, this book supposes that you have a little knowledge about VBScript and scripting in general. It will not teach you VBScript, if you wish learn VBScript those books are so good to start: wrox vbscript programmer's reference or Sams VBScript WMI and ADSI Unleashed.
Another more thing: there is no Technical Reviewer or any help from others, I wrote this book alone, if there are some errors you can understand the situation, also English is not my language, so expect lots of grammatical mistakes, your help is welcome about that of course.

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